Founded in 1998, WaveIdea is located in the south of France.
It is a single man company, owned by Jerome Dumas, mission is to develop original products for original people.
Company target is based on hardware and software, both addressed to the professional and semi-professional audio markets.

The human dimension of WaveIdea allows to provide to customers a reliable, fast and excellent support.

In addition to audio products development, WaveIdea can provide to third parties a service activity, helping you to develop your own products, software, hardware and mobile apps, from the specification to mass production.

Feel free to contact me if you require support to go ahead with your product development, I will certainly help you in a lot of domains, such as programming (C, C++, ASM, Micro-controllers, DSP, iOS, Android and more) as well as hardware engineering (schematics, boards developments, manufacturing, testing, …)