Bitstream 3X

The Bitstream 3X is discontinued for several years. Below the latest versions of firmware, software and documentation.

We no longer provide support to this product.


Bitstream 3X Firmware 1.8Download
Releases notes-Download
USB firmware (1)1.9Download

(1) if your Bitstream 3X is no longer recognized as a USB MIDI device, it could be bricked. Open your Bitstream, locate the small size printed circuit board, locate the 8 pins EEPROM mounted on a socket close to the USB connector and go to an electronic shop to re-program the IC with the above firmware. Once programmed, try to upgrade firmware again using the firmware upgrader software.


Configuration software V1.6MacDownload
Configuration software V1.5WindowsDownload
Firmware updater software V1.0MacDownload
Firmware updater software V1.0WindowsDownload
Configuration software librariesLibrariesDownload
Reason 3 Remote library V1.2Mac libraryDownload
Reason 3 Remote library V1.2Windows libraryDownload
Reason 4 Remote library V1.0Mac libraryDownload
Reason 4 Remote library V1.0Windows libraryDownload


User manual and other documentation

Bitstream 3X flyerEnglishDownload
Bitstream 3X user manual EnglishDownload
Bitstream 3X user manual FrenchDownload
Bitstream 3X user manual ChineseDownload
Addendum manual firmware V1.7EnglishDownload
Addendum manual firmware V1.8EnglishDownload
Reason 3 remote libraryEnglishDownload
Reason 4 remote libraryEnglishDownload
Reason 4 remote libraryGermanDownload

Application notes

AN003Mackie control V1.5Download
AN004Quick start guide to assign a controlDownload
AN005Using the LFODownload
AN006Using the motion controllerDownload
AN007Using the arpeggiatorDownload
AN009Programming SYSEXs in the Bitstream 3XDownload
AN010MIDI channels on the Bitstream 3XDownload
AN011Logic Pro 8Download